July 4, 1866 Oliver Goodnight and Charles Loving reached the boarders of
what is now Crane County, Texas, these two legendary cattleman were making
the their very first cattle drive along the Butterfield Overland Mail route
which would bring them over Castle Gap to the Pecos River at Horsehead
Crossing.  In preparation for the 150th anniversary of this amazing
journey, the Crane County Historical Commission, the City and County of
Crane along with a number of volunteers to create an event like none other
for our community and our region while helping multiple civic organizations
along the way including the Museum of the Desert Southwest, the 4-H club,
the Crane County Community Pantry and others to determined.

The CCHC is planning a three day event to include historical significant
events such as a driving tour to the Castle Gap Roadside Park and Horsehead
Crossing, a roundtable presentation and question and answer session by
local authors including Patrick Dearen, a Western Art show and workshop for
local students and interested adults, book signings and a showing of
Lonesome Dove in the park.  As well as, the educational and historical
excitement of the weekend, we will also have a huge schedule of events for
the whole family to include goat roping and kid’s rodeo at the 4-H arena.  We hope that you will make plans to visit Crane, TX this July 2-4th!


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